Top 10 most ridiculous country songs of 2010

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We combed the Top 40 to bring you the bad, the badder, and the baddest of country music's biggest hits of 2010.

You don't listen to country? Here's what you've been missing out on. (Quietly, though, I'm hoping this won't turn you off of nu-country; I kinda like some of this stuff. Shhhhh... it'll be our little secret).

"Pray for You" - Jaron and the Long Road to Love

Oh thank the lord I caught you just in time! It'd be a goldarn shame for you to have passed the entire year without hearing this terrible little ditty. The song, which peaked at Thirteen on the Country Charts, details all the ways in which Jaron Lowenstein (yes, half of early aughts identical twin pop duo Evan and Jaron) will pray for you - TO DIE. And get bad tattoos and stuff. Jaron, now with his Long Road to Love, got smart in the last year and realized the money's in country, not in singing romantic pop melodies with your identical twin. Shudder. The song is only slightly less creepy when accompanied by the video, featuring a homicidal, monster-truck-driving Jaime Pressly.

"Crazy Town" - Jason Aldean

AckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkNicklebackforgotthey'refromCanadaandmovedtoNashville!!! Okay, not really. They're still in Canada. Chill! Jason Aldean, whose song "Crazy Town" peaked at Number Two, doesn't have a bad blonde perm, though he does have somewhat questionable facial hair. But trust me - this is not Nickelback. And in his song, he tells us what's what when it comes to makin' it in Manitoba, er, I mean Nashville; notably, that in order to be a star, you gotta bang bang bang. Bang? Bang...whom? Huh.

"Hillbilly Bone" - Blake Shelton with Trace Adkins

I mentioned earlier - quietly - that I kinda loved some of this stuff. Wait, I just said "liked?" No, LOVE. I kinda LOVE some of this stuff. No, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY LOVE SOME OF THIS STUFF. This song in particular. I love it! I dare you to love it, too. Doubledog, even. YouTube commenter mightyoakfallen backs me up here. "I used to hate country music with a passion. I heard this song and I guess its (sic) true, i now have a hillbilly bone!" See? You ain't gotta be born out in the sticks with a F-150 and a 30-aught-six. You don't even need to have a Bubba in the family tree, to get down with me! All you need is your hillbilly bone ba-bone ba-bone bone. And you know you have it. Truer lyrics were never sung. This li'l puppy peaked at Number One on the charts.

"Rain is a Good Thing" - Luke Bryan

A lesson:
Rain makes corn.
Corn makes whiskey.
Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky.
Rain is a good thing.
This feel-good summer hit of '10 hit Number One on the charts.

"Water" - Brad Paisley

Luke Bryan knows what's up! And Brad Paisley does, too! RAIN! WATER! AWESOME! This song is indicative of Paisley's signature uber-literal lyrics, which in and of themselves are really something to take in, but in this case is accompanied by a video that would give even the best AFV crotch-hits a run for their money. America loves water, too, and took this song to Number One.

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