Anthem Heart's 'Recess' in session again at at The Varsity

Booka B -- photo by Anthem Heart
You're probably thinking, "Oh great, another dance night", but hold up on the judgment just yet. On its second monthly event after the first was a promising success last November as the official afterparty to "I AM MPLS," Anthem Heart's "Recess" is coming back on January 13 with a great lineup of local DJs who deserve the spotlight of late. This party is different than your average dancefloor free-for-all where you can't move or get a drink because someone's armpit's all up in your face. With the psychedelic multimedia display ala Playatta, Recess boasts the best in blog house, hip-hop and classic tunes, and there's actually ample space to enjoy it at the lush Varsity Theater. 

"I'm really looking forward to dipping into my collection of super funky dance music at this party," local producer Booka B (and this installment's headliner) told City Pages, which is also sponsoring Recess. "I'm excited to rock again with my main dude DJ Espada and witness the visual/ technical genius of Playatta."

(See the video below for the latter, and click here for a Jackson 5 remix by Booka and Espada).

While you'd recognize DJ 1990 from local rap jokesters Bight Club and Bach 666 and Millions Billions from their cameos at Menergy parties, TML, and other gigs around town, it's Basic Physics we're really curious to see after his triple-feat mash intertwining TI, Pretty Lights and (.... ready? ...) Def Leppard.  It's awesome. We hope he plays it on the 13th.

See you there!


RECESS at the Varsity Theater from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.

SLIDESHOW: Recess debuts at The Varsity

Recess Facebook Event Page


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