Cloud Cult cancels Current gig Friday, Trampled by Turtles added

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The Current announced today that Cloud Cult is dropping out of the Current's 6th birthday party lineup in the Mainroom Friday night because of health issues, and will be replaced by popular Duluth bluegrass band (and recently announced Coachella performers) Trampled by Turtles.

The reasons behind Cloud Cult's cancellation sound fairly serious.

"On Thursday, Cloud Cult's Craig Minowa was hospitalized with heart issues," the band said in a statement.
"Although the condition necessitates a temporary hiatus from performances, doctors are suggesting a noninvasive heart surgery would likely be performed in the next few weeks to bring permanent remedy to the problem. We apologize for any complications and we look forward to returning with more energy than ever in the coming months."

Cloud Cult are also canceling their gig February 5 at Lutsen.

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Feel better soon, Craig. We'll miss seeing Cloud Cult for sure, but I hope you'll be back when you're feeling better!

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