Kanye West and Jay-Z debut 'H.A.M.'

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by Matt Bardins
If a day is a week in internet time, then we've been waiting on "H.A.M." for nearly two months now (announced last week), or two and a half years since Kanye and Jay-Z announced that they would be releasing a collaborative album (back in August).

Our long national interwebby daymare is over, effective immediately.

Turns out "H.A.M" stands for "hard as a motherfucker." Not my guesses from Friday, which were all viable. The song finds Jay and 'Ye in full braggadocio, which either never gets old or absolutely does, depending on how much you like rap.

The real star here is producer Lex Luger (whose given name is the equally-if-not-cooler Lexus Lewis), who has made similarly epic jammers for Wacka Flocka, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, and Fabolous.

At long last, the spaceship-opera-get-down of "H.A.M.":

Jay-Z, Kanye West "H.A.M." (prod. by Lex Luger)

BONUS: Here is a higher-res version of Vsnqst's amazing alternative cover for the song:


You can keep up to date with Watch The Throne (Yeezy and Jay-Z's upcoming full-length) and stream "H.A.M." to your heart's content at their Facebook page.

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