Mark Mallman's New Year's Eve stunt: The 'Keyborg'

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Photo by Erik Hess
Mark Mallman has made a tradition out of returning to the Varsity each New Year's Eve for an extravagant show, and for his 5th annual NYE bash he pulled out all the stops.

Mallman launched his set by strangling and killing his longtime stage character "Mallwolf," invited Caroline Smith and Mayda to the stage to sing inspired duets (Smith on Bjork's "Hyperballad" and Mayda on Iggy Pop's "Candy"), and climaxed by transforming into the "Keyborg," a Transformer-esque robotic creature with a globe for a head and keyboards for appendages.

Behold the mighty Keyborg:

Photo by Erik Hess

For more photos: See our full NYE at the Varsity slideshow by Erik Hess.

And here's the intro to his set, wherein the Mallwolf is slayed to the sweet sounds of the Doors' "Break on Through (To the Other Side)."

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A Fox
A Fox

Does anyone have the proposal on video that happened seconds after this video?

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