Phantom Tails drop video for 'All Good Things'

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We've been feeling a bit like the Bad News Bears lately. Between the 501 Club closing, the Turf Club shuttering temporarily, Fat Kid Wednesdays ending their residency at the Turf's Clown Lounge, and A Night in the Box calling it quits, it's been one bummer after another around these parts.

Enter Phantom Tails, who seem like they're on a mission to cheer us up. Their new video for "All Good Things" (good things, yessssss!) just dropped today, and it's full of happy little moments. There's even a dog that high-fives people and is obsessed with sparkles!

"It's Homeward Bound inspired but with a slightly more magical twist," says director Sam Thompson.

Thank you, Phantom Tails. Thank you, Sam. We needed this.

All Good Things - Music Video from Sam Thompson on Vimeo.

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David Loomer
David Loomer

Glad to see the Minnehaha Falls dog park finally getting the music video props it deserves.

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