Bassgasm 3 set times announced

Headlining DJ Reid Speed from LA
The third installment of ESP Woody McBride's rave-in-a-club circus is upon us, set to rattle downtown Minneapolis for 9 hours straight this Friday with 60+ DJs of both local and national acclaim and stretching First Avenue to five stages instead of three.

Sponsored and partially hosted by City Pages, the event certainly requires a pocketed set list for even a casual fan of dance music, so print this sucker out and refer to it at will.

In other Bassgasm news: McBride said he is planning a timelapse video of the whole day from 8 a.m. load in to 4 a.m. load out, and we'll make sure to post that here. Also, an afterparty will be announced at closing time.

Want tickets? We're giving them away on our Facebook page this afternoon. 

Set times are as follows:

MainRoom: a serious wall of bass sound 32 dual 18" front loaded 5k watt sub boxes stacked 8 feet tall x 28 feet wide plus all the highs and mid boxes on top.

Hosted by DJ ESP, Konkrete Jungle, MC Hyde & MC Brace - Plus several dance crews

2 ESP - closing song
12:30 krafty kuts (UK) Breaks/DubStep/DNB - 3 Time World Champ DJ
12:20 freaky deeky cameo - mystery musical art videogasm
11 reid speed (LA) DubStep Queen of the USA
10 greensky & easyrider - DrumNBass
9:30 esp - Techno
8:30 Complicit - Techno
7:30 Cesar & Aldo - Techno
6:30 Fresko - House/Techno
5:45 Jesse Jacob - House/Techno
5 Captain Ferrell - Techno

RecordRoom: ChillOut and Easy Vibes
Hosted by MoonJuice & TooMuchLove

1:15 DJ Angel - Lounge
12:30 soviet panda - EZ Listening
11 moonJuice (San Fran) Chillout
10 zarbeat (Chicago) Techno/Minimal
9:15 christian valencia - Techno/Minimal
8:30 skytree - Ambient/DubStep
7:45 phil good - FreeStyle
7 blaze one - DubStep
6:15 shuga rose - Minimal
5:30 slow derrick - Acid
5 mike hawk (Chicago) Special Guest - Techno

7thStreetEntry: house and electro
Hosted by Aaron Bliss and Jen Boyles

12:45 jen lasher (LA) House/Electro
11:30 crazy larry (NYC) House/Minimal
10:15 bTsunami & 3iD (Iowa) House/Techno
9:30 klmnop (Fargo) House
8:45 econ (Fargo) House/Electro
7:45 derek for real (Appleton) House
7 aaron bliss - House
6 secret - FreeStyle
5 lil' aaron - Techno/House

Substage: Techno (40' wall of bass #2)
hosted by Technocalypse/Old Skoolin' & MC Obliquity

12:15 chris liberator (UK) Acid Techno
11:00 12 inch players (Milwaukee) Acid House
10 hardcore nate (Denver) Psy & Hard Tech
9 ryan david (Steven's Point) Breaks
8 werk & alaya - Acid
7 deil - Acid
6 kevin king - Techno
5 bluepauli2 (Menomenie) DubStep

Lounge (upstairs bar)
Hosted by Hotdish & Friends

1:15 judo - House
12:30 matt veloce - House
11 hotdish - House
10:15 jeff hunter - Breaks
9:30 verb x - HipHop
8:45 the muse - House
8 spillers - Techno
7 thrasher - Techno
6 super position - House
5 doc hyde (Duluth) Experimental/Techno

AFTERPARTY INFO Announced at 2 AM Friday nite

In association with City Pages, First Avenue, Vital Culture, Black, Konkrete Jungle, Too Much Love, Hotdish, Loud N Clear, Bungalo, Mexikan Tekno Mafia, Technocalypse, Old Skoolin', & Da Cowboy...

With support from Vital Culture, Shuga Records, Thrifty Hipster, Pizza Luce and CMYK Appeal

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