BNLX unveil new track, 'Burn the Boats'

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Much has been written about the quartet of EPs released by husband and wife duo Ed and Ashley Ackerson's new project, BNLX, in 2010. In fact, we named their series of EPs amongst some of the best local albums released last year.

But wait! There's more!

BNLX are already preparing to release the next album in their series, EP #5, and they sent over a fresh track to get us all worked up about the forthcoming disc.

According to a new statement from the band, their latest track "represents a new frontier in the extrapolation of the BNLX idiom. This track also features contributions by special guest improviser Otamatone."

Right click on the link below to download, or stream it over on BNLX's page.

mp3: BNLX, "Burn the Boats"

In other BNLX news, the band just wrapped up a brief tour of NYC, and got a mention in Brooklyn Vegan for their shows at Fontana's and the Rock Shop.

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