Hastings 3000 tour diary, Vol. 3

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One-man-masked-band Hastings 3000 is in the midst of his first tour, which will find him jetting out to the West Coast, Hawaii, and Japan. Here's the third installment of his tour diary (first installment here, second here). Check back over the next two weeks for more updates from his tour.

Here is a shot of the Polynesian cultural center where I filmed the ukulele segment of the live Skype performance at First Avenue. When we went live, I had an overwhelming sense of exhilaration when I heard Dave Campbell say, "there he is!" I knew then that the Skype connection was working at least for a moment! That was the riskiest part of the live performance -- relying upon satellite networks in the middle of the Pacific ocean! :)


In Makaha, Oahu chasing the elusive gecko who harbors magical powers.


After a long day of searching for spirits on a ghost tour-I was able to hit the north shore of Oahu and take in some tasty waves!


H3k hangs with lizards, potbelly pigs, turtles, and nightlife.


H3k poses for shot on Waikiki beach:


Just relaxing catching some rays on the world famous Waikiki beach!



I hadn't played a show for awhile and decided to entertain the folks on Waikiki beach with a jingle.

After playing the ukulele on the sidewalk, I decided to stroll down the beach and interact with the locals. I have a cool connection to them as I am half Hawaiian!

After the Waikiki beach ukulele I drove through Honolulu to get to International Marketplace to continue performing for the locals:

My first ever attempt at busking (street performing for tips) at the entrance to International Marketplace. I made one dollar!

Here is a bit of the sweet entertainment from the International Marketplace!

Here is Hastings 3000 just minutes after the first ever live Skype performance to First Avenue mainroom -- unmasked and heading immediately to the Next Door in Chinatown, Honolulu.


Here is a snapshot of Hastings 3000 live at The Next Door, Hawaii, Jan. 2011:


Here is a clip of the Hastings 3000 show at The Next Door, Oahu, Hawaii January 26th, 2011. This is the last Hawaiian show -- off to Japan!

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