Sims pays homage to Muddy Waters in new video

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Photos by Joe Michaud-Scorza
If you've ever frequented Muddy Waters on Lyndale and 24th in South Minneapolis, chances are pretty good that you bumped into one of the members of the Doomtree crew at some point -- it's been a longtime central gathering point for the collective. All that will change on August 1 of this year, when the neighborhood staple will uproot and move down the street to transition into a restaurant.

As a way to pay tribute to one of his crew's favorite spots, MC Sims chose Muddy Waters as the location for his City of Music shoot with MPLS.TV.

City of Music producer Dan Huiting tells us a little more about the shoot: "Sims wanted to do something outside, and while that is usually reserved for summer at City of Music (for obvious reasons), I figured we ought to brave the cold for this one," he says. "It was 10 degrees and pretty chilly, but everyone was in good spirits and had a good time. Sims wanted to have part of it happen in a moving car, so we worked that in as well. We've never done a City of Music quite like this. I can't wait to release it on Monday!"

The new Sims video will debut right here on Gimme Noise on Monday morning. In the meantime, check out these photos from the shoot by Joe Michaud-Scorza.

IMG_5613 1.jpg
IMG_5646 1.jpg
IMG_5653 1.jpg
IMG_5716 1.jpg
IMG_5741 1.jpg
IMG_5775 1.jpg
IMG_5799 1.jpg
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