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J'ai besoin de quelque chose pour soigner une diarhe'e. Don't know what that means? Then you may not have this French phrase book and CD.

It means, "I need something for diarrhea."  I'm just learning the essentials.

Anywho, I had a hard time leavin' Philly. I have some great friends there and that city rules.


When I arrived at Cranky's Manatee Pub, it became very apparent very quickly that I was back in the mid west.  Everyone I met was a god damn saint.  Some of the nicest folks live in Cleveland.  And a pub with the coolest name ever is there as well.


I then headed to Toledo. I was really excited to see how this show would be because I had an interview in the local paper and the local musician seemed like he'd bring some folks to the show. Ramalama Records is a really cool joint, but this is what happens when the local act doesn't show up and your interview doesn't go into print:

toledo rulez.jpg

I then drove to Michigan and found myself having a set of upsetting experiences that I like to call "The Mitten State Debacles."  I had been arranging a show in Ypsilanti, MI for the 11th of February and after about one million emails and a couple phone calls, the show got canceled.  I wasn't too bummed out because I have friends there and was anxious to hang out with them.  And I had a show the next day in Detroit.  But then, another Mitten State Debacle occurred.  The promoter in Detroit had confirmed the 12th of February with me, but switched the show to the 11th.  So when I checked the show information before leaving for Detroit on the 12th, I found that the show had already happened.  Awesome.  But then Vixen jumped in my guitar case and I forgot all about the shows!  Hurray!


Despite having a couple shows fall through, I had a ton of fun hanging out with my friends Rachel and Ian and they were as hospitable as people can possibly be.  I played one show in Michigan and it was at a vintage clothing store called the Get Up.  It was a lot of fun and I met lots of nice folks.  It was a good way to end a musically disappointing weekend.

the get up.jpg

On Valentine's day I took myself on a date to see True Grit.  I'm in love with the Coen brothers.

true grit.jpg

I drove to Fort Wayne, IN and found that it was warm enough to bike around.  Look Mom!  No hands!

biking fort wayne.jpg

I looked at some art.

art museum fort wayne.jpg

I played a show that my friend Michael set up at a really nice joint called CS3.  Donna, the gal who owns the joint, treated me really well.  She fed me, bought a couple shirts, paid me well, and even sent me off with a sandwich for the road.  My heart was warmed.


The next show was proof that sometimes some good can come out of complete debacles.  On my last tour I played a show in the middle of nowhere Indiana and it was not awesome.  But I met a couple of cool dudes who study at Indiana Wesleyan University.  Well, one of those dudes books shows at their school's coffee shop and he booked a show for me on this tour.  The show went really well and it was the exact opposite of a debacle.  And their school's student center looks like a mall.  Weird.

the mall way.jpg

My friend John Davey has been playing tunes and touring for a long time.  I feel like almost everywhere I go I meet someone who knows him.  He set up a house show for me in Lafayette, IN and played the show with me.  There weren't a ton of folks there, but it was a good night.  When listening to John's songs, you realize that each song is basically perfect.  I feel like his songs meet every subconscious standard I have for a great song.  I love his jams.  And it doesn't hurt that he's also a god damn saint.  He should move to Cleveland.

John Davey.jpg

More travel stories to come,

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