Ice Cube won't play First Ave tonight

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First Ave is offering ticket refunds.
Sorry to all the hardcore NWA / "Are We There Yet fans?" in the Twin Cities.

Rapper Ice Cube won't be appearing at First Avenue this evening as planned. Refunds are available online or at The Depot Tavern next to the venue.

The details as to why the show has been canceled are pretty limited. Machen Davis, the marketing director at First Ave, says Ice Cube canceled due to a "scheduling conflict," but didn't have more details.

The rapper's website doesn't give any further explanation, but does list future tour dates for late this month and early April, so the rest of the tour will go on as planned. Unfortunately, no more stops are planned in the Midwest.

So for those unwilling to fly out to the West Coast to see Cube, you'll have to live vicariously through this video of his 2006 performance of "Fuck the Police" at First Ave:

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wish they woulda rescheduled this one...


this has been cancelled for over a month now...


I like your lead. Isnt this "old news," though?

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