Kenny Chesney at the Xcel, and Buck Owens' last meal

He's recorded 15 albums, 14 of which have been certified gold, and has produced more than 30 Top Ten singles, 20 of which have climbed to the top of the Hot Country Songs charts. He's got awards from the ACM, the CMA, the AMA, CMT, the BMA, the PCA and the FCMA (those are a lot of awards shows you've probably heard of, and one you probably haven't - the French Country Music Awards). He owns a 60' yacht and has a home in the U.S. Virgin Islands, spending much of his time in the Caribbean and singing a lot of songs about island life. He was married to Renee Zellweger for all of four months before they announced their split, Zellweger citing "fraud" in the annulment papers. As a result, a lot of people buzzed about him being gay (he says he's not).

Kenny Chesney is five-foot-six-inches worth of muscle (a might bit taller in a cowboy hat), he loves football, he's one of country's biggest stars, and tomorrow night he's playing at the Xcel Energy Center (Friday March 25, 5:30, $29.50-79.50 with Billy Currington and Uncle Kracker).

Expect a lot of bewitched middle-aged women, and a lot of songs about the good, hot times these women wish they were having with Kenny:

Also, we couldn't let the day pass without tipping our hats to Buck Owens, who on this day in 2006 ate chicken-fried steak for dinner, performed for the last time at his Crystal Palace theater in Bakersfield, then died in his sleep the following morning. The last song he performed? "Big in Vegas."

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Cold Concrete
Cold Concrete

"Big in Vegas" is a great song, thank you for posting this. Buck Owens is one of the most important figures in (real) Country Music history, he will never be forgotten.


Do you have tickets?

Nikki Miller
Nikki Miller

I agree wholeheartedly, and would even expand to "one of the most important figures in Music History." Hell, even the Beatles wanted to be him.

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