Rogue Valley, Hildur Victoria featured in this week's City Pages

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Photo by Joey Clark
In this week's print edition of City Pages, we have interviews with two different Twin Cities bands preparing to release impressive full-length albums this weekend. 

Rogue Valley, the lush indie-folk band headed up by Chris Koza, is finishing up its massive four-albums-in-12-months project with False Floors, which will be released this Friday at the Varsity, while promising newcomers Hildur Victoria are releasing their debut full-length, Hildur Victoria, on Saturday at the Loring Theater.

By Natalie Gallagher

Hildur Victoria emerge with a new musical voice
By Jeff Gage

For a chance at free tickets to the Rogue Valley show on Friday, make sure you're following us on Facebook and Twitter -- we'll be giving away a whopping 10 pair of tickets over today and tomorrow.

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