Sick of Sarah remixed by DJ Unwind

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Photo courtesy of DJ Unwind
Though I've always been a fan of Sick of Sarah's polished, punchy power pop, it wasn't until I heard this new remix by local producer DJ Unwind that I really honed in at just how emotive lead singer Abisha Uhl's voice can really be. 

DJ Unwind was commissioned to do an official mix of the group's song "Giving Up" for their label, Adamant Records, and the result is a slinking, sexy, stripped-down slow jam that plays on the underlying agony of the song.

Sick of Sarah - "Giving Up" DJ Unwind Remix by djunwind

For comparison, here is the original track by Sick of Sarah:

For those heading down to SXSW, Sick of Sarah is performing on Friday, March 18 at 2:15 p.m. at Skinny's Ballroom as part of Gimme Noise and First Avenue's SXSW Day Party.


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