10 country fiddle songs for St. Patrick's Day

So, what's the difference between a fiddle and a violin?

"Well, when you're buyin' it, it's a fiddle; when you're sellin' it, it's a violin."

Another difference?

"About $10,000."

How 'bout another?

"The difference is in the nut that holds the bow."


"No one cries when they spill beer on a fiddle."

No matter how you fiddle around with it, the violin in its many forms has historically been an integral part of European music, especially that coming from Ireland, for centuries. When folks from Europe started immigrating to the United States, it was near impossible for any but the most wealthy to carry with them a prized possession like a piano, so most brought with them something highly transportable, a fiddle, and thus the instrument became integral to the formation and development of American country music. And so, in honor of the death of St. Patrick and the many early Irish-Americans who helped contribute to our American musical heritage, we present to you 10 Country Fiddle Songs.

Mack Magaha - "Black Mountain Rag"

Mel McDaniel - "Louisiana Saturday Night"

Well you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow, kick off your shoes and you throw 'em on the floor. Dance in the kitchen 'til the morning light, Louisiana Saturday night.

Clarence Gatemouth Brown (May he rest in peace)

Charlie Daniels Bands - "Devil Went Down to Georgia"

And he played fire on the mountain, run boys, run. The devil's in the house of the risin' sun. Chicken in the bread pan, pickin' out dough. "Granny, does your dog bite?" "No, child, no."

Roy Clark - "Orange Blossom Special"

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