Atmosphere's 'The Family Sign' drops today, plus new video with cameo from Brother Ali

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Photo by Dan Monick
Well the day is finally upon us. Atmosphere's latest, The Family Sign fills the record store bins and lands itself on your turntable today.

Officially their first full length collection of new music since 2008's When Life GivesYou Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold, the new record is another progression in the band's career and a decidedly direct representation of leader Slug's take on family life. This theme is prevalent in their new video, also unveiled today, which shows Slug being a Dad, dropping his kid off at school, and features a cameo from fellow Rhymesayer Brother Ali serving lunch in the school cafeteria.

Along with the new record and video is this commercial of sorts, showing you all you get with the new release. As artists who pay attention to the details the lovely package of clear vinyl discs, photography and art folds out and can be displayed like a family photo. The real kick here though is seeing Atmosphere all adorned in their family man Cosby sweaters at the end!

In anticipation of the new release Slug and Ant from Atmosphere also stopped by The Local Show with David Campbell on the Current this past Sunday.

To celebrate the release, Atmosphere will be at Fifth Element from 6-9 p.m. tonight for a free meet-and-greet, and fans who purchase the album at the store will receive a free bonus CD Atmosphere Storybook Vol. 1.


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