Bassgasm 4 lineup announced

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BG4: Summer edition at First Avenue
While all manner of clubbers and ravers throughout this fine state's recent history smile and check their calendars, the inevitable reaction to this announcement from non-dance-music fans will probably be something like, "Really? Another one?"  

But this event isn't necessarily for them (though they're invited).  It's for all the people who like it loud - and we mean loud - from neon colors to the massive "Wall Of Bass" erected by DJ ESP Woody McBride over the last three installments at First Avenue and for that matter, the last 20 years of his internationally-recognized career as a techno DJ.

And so we present Bassgasm 4 on July 22, another brick in the Wall, so to speak.

Klever and his grill
Though headlining talent usually makes or breaks any party, it's the organization and old-school ethos behind Bassgasm that makes it a draw. The first party was legendary, as it was a new concept of setting up a rave in a club, but the second installment failed to follow suit.  This past February's party closely rivaled the energy of the first, so BG4's future is really anyone's guess.

Inked Atlanta badboy and DMC champion Klever is our party-maker pick this time, easily one of the world's top turntablists. He was last in Minneapolis for New Year's Eve 2009 and a small Scion party in 2010, but never for a party of this magnitude. Vintage trance jock Christopher Lawrence is in the mix as well, at one point enjoying status as a Minneapolis regular but not since the early '00s. Chicago electro-chick Dani Deahl will bring her big bag of dirty beats to the table and our own hometown headliner Chuck Love will keep things following a positive groove as he does so well.  But if the dark side is your thing, make a point to hear dubsteppers SPL from Portland and Deathface from New York City.

"I'm stoked to come back to Minneapolis again, those kids always know how to have a good time," Klever told us a few weeks back.  "I hear it's going to be a monster."

Indeed it will - one snaggle-toothed, burly behemoth fueled by enormous basslines. 

MIXES: Klever's Carpe Mixxx (Mediafire) & Dani Deahl's Ghetto House Radio mixx

PHOTOS: Bassgasm 1  / Bassgasm 2 / Bassgasm 3

What do you think of the lineup, and will you attend? Let us know your thoughts.

The full lineup

Why we love Klever (shown here with Craze):

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BG2 & BG3 Attendee
BG2 & BG3 Attendee

A lot of blah...Theres already 10 Dubstep shows a month so why so heavy on it?(Oh that's right those kids running around with their shirts off , pie eyed, licking themselves and sucking on pacifiers/wearing gas masks reaking of Vicks, pocket $15 out of their parents wallets are 75% of the attendees)


Apparently this person only stood outside the venue at BG2 and BG3, because I didn't see any of those things. This isn't a basement party at your grandma's house. This is the best of the Midwest.


camera's ready prepare to flash!


WOW WHAT A WAK ASS HATER.... Any true electronic dancehead knows its not about who's there its about how and how hard u dance, on drugs or not! I've been to every one so far and the sound and djs r full of NRG FOOL.


kinda sounds like your butt hurt bro!

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