Cinderella at the Medina Entertainment Center, 4/16/11

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Photos by Nikki Miller
April 16, 2011
Medina Entertainment Center

I have zero nostalgia for this band. Not an ounce. The exposure I had to Cinderella's era of music - hair metal I guess they call it? - was by way of my cousin Shawn. I think she drove an Olds Toronado and had a copy of Look What the Cat Dragged In on the dash. I'd never seen men in makeup before, and it terrified me. And does Aerosmith count within the genre as Cinderella brethren? Probably not, but I also have a memory of that same cousin's friend dancing wildly in my aunt and uncle's camper to "Love in an Elevator," and being convinced she was possessed by the devil and about to kill me in a ritualistic heavy metal mania.

CINDERELLA 02-01.jpg

I was more of the grunge vintage, which was supposedly a revolt against the excesses of hair metal (yawn). So, knowing little about Cinderella except that some dudes in flannel probably thought their manner of dress was too fancy, their guitars too wicked awesome, I picked up their first three tapes at Cheapo a few weeks ago to catch up. Prior to this purchase, I could sing the chorus to "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)" but that was about it.

Now here I was at the Medina Cinderella show Saturday night, not as someone digging back to a past of tailgating, of making out by airport runways, teasing my hair and popping tapes in my '82 Toronado. I was there as an absolute, virgin-eared newbie, with none of that Aqua Net-fumed sentimentality to taint my opinions.

CINDERELLA 03-01.jpg

And the verdict? Uhh...these dudes rock. Holy crap. Each original member is old enough to be my father, but jesus if they aren't still able to own their slightly-updated glam rocker look and take on rock music. Their performance was so 100% on, and singer Tom Keifer, aged 50, can still wail. His falsetto screaming looks absolutely effortless, but it can't be good on the ol' vocal chords (further research indicates he's suffered vocal cord paralysis and has undergone several surgeries to remove nodules - well, duh).

I can't hearken back to the good old days with this band, but as far as I'm concerned, and definitely as far as the sold-out Medina crowd of people who do remember the good old days and know every word are concerned, these guys still got it.

CINDERELLA 06-01.jpg

Of their just over hour-long set, what really sold me? "Shelter Me," a bratty bluesy number complete with dirty roadhouse piano and sax (both played expertly by the members of the band). Seriously - hair metal dude whips out a saxophone and squeaks out a blues lick in the middle of the song like it's nothin' doin'?

I may be 25 years late to the party, but count me in.




Critic's bias: This is THE DEVIL'S MUSIC!!!
The crowd: Dudes who've held on to their Cinderella shirts now for a quarter of a century (!). There are few Cinderella dilettantes here. These are dyed-in-the-wool, diehard fans. This crowd still uses lighters, not cell phones.
Overheard in the crowd: (Said to this critic, while exiting the photo pit) "Pleeeease just grab me a pick off the stage pleeeeeease I know there have to be some up there; I know you can do it!" (Said to this critic by a 50-something man accompanied by his 20-something son in Cinderella bandana, while standing by the merch table) "Hey, you can get us backstage, right?"
Random Notebook Dump:Warmup music: motley crue girls girls girls and kickstart my heart, note to self: don't be too scared when the floor starts shaking; it's just a sold-out crowd of women who've put on 75 lbs since the 80s hopping in time to the music.

For more photos: See the full slideshow here.

Set List:
Second Wind/Push, Push/Somebody Save Me/The Last Mile/Night Songs/Bad Seamstress Blues - Fallin' Apart at the Seams/Heartbreak Station/Coming Home/Shelter Me/Nobody's Fool/Gypsy Road/Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)/Shake Me

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Agreed completely with your review. I did like Cinderella in the 80's but had very little expectations coming into this show as many groups in that genre just phone it in or have replaced many of the original members...but yeah these guys are musicians. I generally go to several shows a month and while my taste has shifted away from this kind of music in recent years I have to admit it was one of the better displays of music combined with just an awe inspiring commitment to leaving everything on the stage from guys that could be my parents as well. Having read about Tommy's issues with his voice we figured it would be shot but not at all...glad we are catching them on the beginning of the summer tour though and probably not the end. Shelter Me and Gypsy Road were amazing but no songs other than Last Train disappointed. Good review and nice to see a critic able to put their bias aside of this genre to recognize good musicianship and just a kick ass performance.

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