Fort Wilson Riot, Jeremy Messersmith get in on the April Fool's fun

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Photo by Nick Vlcek
Jeremy Messersmith poses for the cover of his exciting new album
It's a strange day, April 1. Every blog post, tweet, and Facebook status update is met with cynicism, every reader's BS detector turned up to 11.

But that shouldn't stop bands from having a little fun, should it?

So far today we've spotted two local musicians pulling their own April Fool's pranks, and we're sure to find a few more by the day's end. For starters, Jeremy Messersmith announced today that he would be releasing a very, um, "special" kind of covers album as a surprise for his fans:


Fort Wilson Riot, meanwhile, issued a press release that they had been signed to Thom Yorke's label to record a Radiohead remix album (note the Gayngs joke... well played).


Any others we should know about? We'll add additional ones here if we find them.

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