Uncle Jesse sings Alan Sparkhawk? Low drops new Stamo'd video

​Let's do some logical accounting. John Stamos is known for being debonair, rich, and occupying some suburban gray area between non-threatening and "rock and roll." The band Low is known for being blue, hushed, emphatically north-shore, and maybe a bit insecure.

If my almost-passing grade to introductory mathematical logic serves me right, that would mean that these two very different entities were bound to professionally intersect at some point.

Well good news: they have.

Ten days ago John Stamos had his 400,000-odd followers on Twitter likely a little confused with this one:

shooting a video today for one of my fav indie bands, LOW. anyone else love this band? (i"ll send pics from the shoot)less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Hundreds of thousands thinking "who?" and dozens thinking "wait what?," think no more! You can view the sad, probably-poignant, eyebrow-heavy video over at Entertainment Weekly, where it debuted today, or right here:

Here are some photos Stamos posted from the shoot:



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