'Mad About The Twin Cities': Win gifts from First Ave, Electric Fetus, and more

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To celebrate the iPhone app we launched in conjunction with this year's Best of the Twin Cities issue themed after Mad Men, we've created the 'Mad About the Twin Cities' badge that comes with a chance to win gifts from the Best Of award winners listed here and an exclusive gift basket from City Pages.

Search "Best Of" in the app store and download it to instantly lock in to the best stuff to do in your neighborhood or wherever you are with your phone. Then, get the badge by checking in at any five winning locales and you'll automatically be registered to win the collection of prizes worth more than $350.

We'll notify the winner by May 20, 2011. Now, get out on the town and discover more reasons to love your city!


Electric Fetus prize pack including music, T-shirts, and posters
First Avenue bar tab of $50
Heidi's restaurant $100 gift card
Blacklist Vintage $50 gift card
Smitten Kitten gift basket worth $50
City Pages Best Of promo basket

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Too little too late for the Droid. You have to be finished with qualifying for the contest by May 19 it sounds like.

Jen Boyles
Jen Boyles

Android is coming within the next month.


iphone only? fail

Morgan Bird
Morgan Bird

iPhone only? Fucking lame. Get with the times, guys. Android surpassed iPhone in users five or six months ago: http://goo.gl/Nj1cr.

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