Pachyderm Studios' Cannon Falls property for sale

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Photo via Edina Realty
Pachyderm Studios, best known as the recording site of Nirvana's final studio album, In Utero, as well as the place where dozens of local bands holed up in the early- to mid-'90s to record their work, has gone out of business once and for all and the property is now for sale.

The last time we heard anything about Pachyderm was back in March of 2009 when former City Pages staff writer David Hansen wrote a lengthy narrative about the studio's mythological past and shaky future. The studio's original owner had long since abandoned the property, and it was being managed by "mortgage broker, talent agent, and real estate magnate" Matt Mueller, who at the time was barely able to keep the business afloat and seemed disenchanted by the music industry in general.

Now, according to a listing on the Edina Realty website, you can buy the 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom house and the 6-acre Canon Falls property for about $300K.

For reference, here is a list of some of the most notable local and national albums recorded at Pachyderm (you can browse the full list on the studio's outdated website). Fun fact: Trip Shakespeare's Lulu was the first album to be recorded at Pachyderm.

Nirvana, In Utero

Various Artists, No Alternative

Live, Throwing Copper

Soul Asylum, Grave Dancers Union

PJ Harvey, Rid of Me

Mudvayne, The End of All Things to Come

The Jayhawks, Hollywood Town Hall

They Might Be Giants, Severe Tire Damage

Son Volt, Straightaways

Grant Hart, Good News for Modern Man

Nova Mob, Nova Mob

Mason Jennings, Century Spring

Wedding Present, Sea Monsters

Golden Smog, On Golden Smog

Joe Henry, Fireman's Wedding

Gear Daddies, Billy's Live Bait

Superchunk, Foolish

Babes in Toyland, Fontanelle

Honeydogs, Seen a Ghost

Greg Brown, Covenant

Pieta Brown, Pieta Brown

Phil Heywood, Local Joe

Arcwelder, Xerxes

Slim Dunlap, Times Like This

Tina & the B-Sides, Monster

Stuart Davis, Stuart Davis

Zuzu's Petals, Music of Your Life

Sheila E, Sex Cymbal

Trip Shakespeare, Volt

Big Wu, Tool for Evening

Flipp, Flipp

The Bad Plus, Prog

For an even deeper look at Pachyderm's storied place in the pantheon of rock history, here is more information than you ever thought you wanted or needed about the recording of Nirvana's In Utero.

Now let's find a rich person to buy up this place and Prince's soon-to-be-foreclosed Chanhassen property and make a nice little Minnesota music history collector's set, shall we?

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Becker Thijs
Becker Thijs

Great piece of information, thanks a lot!


For all the music heads in America’s heartland or beyond that want to own a part of Rock History. Investment Property? Maybe. Totally Awesome!!!

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Justin Effing La Plante
Justin Effing La Plante

This is what Karma looks like in Action.  Before taking over Pachyderm Matt Meuller screwed over a lot of good people and welched on some important debts to them.  he hurt people without any concern for the damage done.  He was an evil person on stolen time.   Screwing with good people only works for shady political figures and corporations with enough money and lawyers to buy off and sell out the impending doom of their own actions.  Mat Meuller was neither smart enough or rich enough to stay ahead of his own downfall.  It is unfortunate that he destroyed yet another piece of property, some more lives and a legacy doing it but when you invite a rabid dog to dinner, you can not expect the floor to stay entirely clean. 

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solicitor birmingham

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Pierce Pola
Pierce Pola

Yes, Its absolutely sad to apperceive that this abode has gone out of business.But in todays apple if there is so abundant piracy is traveling on its absolutely difficult to accomplish profits.

Charlotte Property Management

Real Estate
Real Estate

Pachyderm offers wireless high speed internet. The house has full kitchen and laundry. Personal chef and catering services are available. I was so sad to know that that place was gone already. I think John Lennon stay in that place?


 Yes, Its really sad to know that this place has gone out of business.But in todays world when there is so much piracy is going on its really difficult to make profits.

Minneapolis Property
Minneapolis Property

I feel very sad to know that place with such a history has gone out of business. I think it is mainly due to fall in the real estate market. Secondly the piracy has left the music industry into the dirt.


After a break in session with a solo artist, Soul Asylum's "And the Horse They Rode In On" was actually the first record to be recorded at Pachyderm.

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