Prince announces 21-day residency in Los Angeles

Thursday on the George Lopez Tonight program, Prince announced via a phone call an imminent 21-date residency at the Forum arena in LA, starting next Thursday.

Similar to his 'Welcome 2 America' New Jersey/New York mini-residency in December, the show will feature "a whole gang of special guests," and hopefully/probably an androgynous, purple symbol rising from the floor of the stage delivering a lil' legend unto us.

At first we were surprised that He used George Lopez Tonight to make this rather big announcement. But after a quick canvass of Los Angeles-based late-night talk shows -- Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel -- the question quickly inverted. Where else, if he was determined to do it up thusly, would he?

You can watch the video below. Scratchy voice!

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