Record Store Day 2011 in photos

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Photos by Erik Hess
Hastings 3000 and Brother Ali at Down in the Valley on Record Store Day
Record Store Day, the annual celebration of independent music shops, returned this Saturday for its fourth and largest citywide celebration yet. The metro area is thankfully still home to a long list of record stores, with several in Minneapolis alone, and many of the retailers marked the occasion by holding sales, hosting in-store performances, and giving out free snacks to shoppers.

By all accounts, the day was a massive success -- nearly every store we stopped in had crowds of people filling the aisles, and managers reported huge spikes in sales and traffic. Here's hoping that enthusiasm spreads to the other 364 days of the year, as the Cities' independent shops need all the help they can get to stay afloat in these tough times.

Photographer Erik Hess spent the day hopping around the metro area, and managed to hit up a whopping 11 different stores on Saturday. What follows is a chronological photo essay of his day. 

Photos by Erik Hess, text by Andrea Swensson.

RSD-2011-01-Electric Fetus Pre-Open.jpg
A line started forming outside of the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis at 4:30 a.m. on Saturday. A couple of die-hards toward the front of the line even brought a folding table, chairs, and a generator, and made themselves waffles as they waited for the doors to open.
RSD-2011-02-Electric Fetus Pre-Open.jpg
Outside the Electric Fetus around 8 a.m. Saturday morning.
RSD-2011-03-Electric Fetus At Open.jpg
Record lovers flood the Electric Fetus as the store opens at 9 a.m. The staff handed out tickets and let shoppers into the row of special Record Store Day releases in batches of five at at ime, ensuring that the earliest shoppers got first dibs at the exclusive releases.
RSD-2011-04-Early Morning at Treehouse.jpg
Treehouse Records employees ring up their first customers of the day.
RSD-2011-05-Early Morning at Treehouse.jpg
The early morning crowd at Treehouse.
RSD-2011-06-Early Morning at Treehouse.jpg
Shoppers pick through the Record Store Day exclusives at Treehouse Records. Owner Mark Trehus said that he had a line of customers down to the end of the block waiting to purchase the limited-edition releases, and he quickly sold out of the Big Star test pressing.
RSD-2011-07-Cheapo Uptown.jpg
Inside the Cheapo on Lake Street in Uptown Minneapolis.

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