Tommy Stinson coming to First Avenue

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After touring Europe with Guns 'N Roses and traveling to Haiti to help with hurricane cleanup and relief efforts, former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson has embarked on a solo tour that will bring him to his hometown on May 20 to play a show at First Avenue.

Naturally, news of this First Ave show has already fired up the cogs of the rumor mill, and Stinson added his own fuel to the fire last night by tweeting this little tidbit about his First Ave and Milwaukee shows:

Stinson has a lot of musical friends in Minneapolis (in addition to starting out his career in the Replacements, he also played in Bash and Pop with Steve Brantseg and the late Kevin Foley, and more recently performs with Soul Asylum), so it's anyone's guess who he will invite to join him on stage.

Of course, it's our duty to remind you of those studio sessions Stinson completed with Paul Westerberg a few years back, which never saw the light of day. It's a long shot, but not totally out of the question that Westerberg would show up at a gig like this. Here's hoping...

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Shelley Hawes
Shelley Hawes

Tommy Stinson and Social Distortion are the only music I would travel far, long and hundreds of miles to see. God lovev him.

Shelley Hawes
Shelley Hawes

Tommy Stinson and Social Distortion are te only two icons I would travel far and wide to see.

Shelley Hawes
Shelley Hawes

I have loved Tommy since I first met him when he was fourteen years old. I am much older. My son followed a bit in your/his foot steps and now composes soundttracks for film/TV and video games at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

It is/was so cool to witness Tommy's success and know the inspiration he provided my son now 22. I am totally delighted to see Stinson back in town on May 20th. The city always misses him/you. This makes the hard MN winter see a bright light at the end of the tunnel.....I guess they call that Spring in MN!

Remember the photo in front of the bull painting at Manny's downtown MPLS year before December with Pirner and Murphy? You said, "There's no Paparrazzi In Mpls!!!!!!!!!!" I wrote a story about that. Glad to know you are still touring and doing well.

Peace and Love,

Shelley Hawes

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