Trampled By Turtles Spring Jam show cut short by door-shirkers

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This time of year, the imminence of summertime freedom has filled collegiate tummies everywhere with butterflies, something the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota celebrates with Spring Jam, a weekend of mostly music-related events organized by the Student Unions & Activities Department.

Last night's performance from rootsy Duluth outfit Trampled By Turtles was cut short, however, when some door-be-damned youngsters stormed the barn show.

We first wondered what had happened after seeing this tweet:

Thanks to all of you at Spring Jam. Sorry they had to shut it down - we were having a blast.less than a minute ago via Facebook Favorite Retweet Reply

So we contacted Trampled By Turtles, and singer/guitarist Dave Simonett responded with a series of events that could have been prevented with a lock (or not, those college kids are resourceful!) "We were playing in kind of a small barn-type room, and it had filled to the fire code capacity, leaving some people standing outside that couldn't get in," he says. "On one end of the building was a garage door that they had left open but I guess it was getting unruly out there as at about our second song they shut it, shutting off from the show all those people outside."

If you're at all familiar with how humans with immediate goals operate, then you won't be surprised by what happened after that. "That lasted for about 10 minutes before we saw the door get pushed up and maybe two hundred kids came storming into the show," he continues. "This turned into a kind of mass crowd surfing and a bit of a mosh pit.  We got about 35 minutes into our set, finished a song, and noticed the police were waiting next to the stage."

From there everything proceeded about as you'd expect. The cops shut down the show -- a first in Trampled By Turtles' history. Simonett says no one was hurt, but we're still waiting on word from the University. And while we can't say for sure, it's a strong guess that someone yelled "FUCK YOU!"

Update: Here's a statement from the Communcations Co-Chair of Spring Jam, Alec Bronston:
We have to respect capacity limits with regard to the fire code, so we went ahead with the appropriate procedures. The show was going great, and we thank Trampled By Turtles for coming, but there's a point where we need to make sure our students are safe and secure. It came to that point, and we had to end the show early. We're disappointed that it had to happen, but thankfully everyone left peacefully and safe. We're stepping up security even more to protect everyone, and the upcoming Spring Jam events are still going to go ahead as planned.
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At least the first band was good.


apparantly a 50,000 seat stadium that we pay for every tuition bill was not available....


Why didn't they find a larger venue for this? Poor planning on the side of the U.


CALAMITY AND THE OWL. They kick ass. They play every Sunday at the Nomad on west bank for free with The Union Suits and Cadillac Kolstad & the Flats.

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