Treehouse Records, Uptown Bulldog threatened by Lyndale Ave fire

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Photos by Ben Clark
A basement fire broke out beneath the Lyndale Grocery & Deli after midnight on Sunday night, drawing Uptown residents out onto the streets to gawk and worry over the well-being of the grocery store and its neighboring businesses -- the Bulldog restaurant and bar, plus Treehouse Records, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The Treehouse locale has been a popular destination for vinyl lovers. The record store space first opened in 1976 as Oar Folkjokeopus, then transitioned to the current Treehouse name in 2001 under the leadership of longtime employee-turned-owner Mark Trehus.

Similarly, the Bulldog has become a staple of the Lyndale community since it moved into the old Mud Pie space. Patrons were evacuated from the bar as soon as the fire broke out.

Gimme Noise rushed to the scene as soon as we found out about the fire, and were relieved to find out that the situation appeared to be under control. Several fire trucks were parked in the intersection outside of Treehouse and police had blocked off the streets about a block out in every direction.

Photos by Ben Clark
​Several different firemen on the scene reported that the fire was contained to the basement underneath the grocery store and that there were no fatalities or injuries. From what I could see, the smoke seemed to be coming from a residence in the back of the Lyndale Grocery & Deli, and firefighters were concentrating their efforts on that area.

Workers continued to file in and out of the grocery store, some with hoses and one carrying a camera, while press and the fire chiefs gathered in front of Common Roots to asses the damage.

At this point, it's unclear whether the smoke from the fire caused any damage to Treehouse Records or the Bulldog, but we will be checking in with the owners of both businesses as soon as we can. Treehouse Records just held a 10th anniversary party this last Friday, April 9, at Hell's Kitchen, and is slated to celebrate Record Store Day this coming Saturday, April 16.

We'll post more information as soon as we have it.

Photos by Ben Clark

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