Treehouse Records safe, Lyndale Grocery damaged by Sunday night's fire

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Photo by Ben Clark
We've received a couple of brief updates from the staff at Treehouse Records regarding the fire that broke out Sunday night on Lyndale Avenue.

As we reported early yesterday morning, the fire started in the basement of the Lyndale Grocery & Deli and the store sustained a lot of damage. All of the front windows were broken and have since been boarded up, and building owner Mark Trehus (who also owns Treehouse) is now attempting to assess the total damages.

"I own the building next door to the record store, which burnt, but the record store was untouched by flames or water," Trehus told us in a brief update. He says he's busy sorting out the aftermath but will have more information for us soon.

Meanwhile, over on Treehouse Records' website, manager Dan Cote posted a note to his customers reassuring everyone that the store survived mostly unharmed and that they are open.

"I am happy to report that with the exception of our back door, which was kicked in by the fire department, we have no damage," Cote writes. "It was quite a scare, but thankfully nobody was hurt."

Here are some of our photos from Sunday night's fire:

Photos by Ben Clark

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