Wu-Tang clan on public access in 1991, and other gems

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​Much as DJ Premier has been doing for a year or more with his blog, the Wu-Tang Clan's new blog, launched April 4th, has been bestowing on us random gems of dusty footage, Wu-centric art, and retrospective greatness on a regular basis. Here's some of our favorites.

GZA, RZA, and Big Baby Jesus on Public Access In 1991

Hair, backstory, tape hiss, and awkwardness.

Original Cover for "Protect Ya Neck"



Great pictures of some old, janky, probably-valuable tapes. The ones everyone likes so much now.


Method Man: Where I'm From

The montaged intro of a chiefing Meth leads into a great discussion of his origin story.

Da Mystery of Chessboxin', Revealed


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