City Pages in the '80s: A look back at some of our most iconic music covers

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Bob Dylan-250.jpg
To coincide with our Cars interview from this week's print edition and this week's cover, which reprises the design of our very first issue (back when we started as Sweet Potato in 1979), we decided to take a look at some more of the music archives from our early days as a paper.

Intrepid Gimme Noise intern Youa Vang has spent the past few weeks combing through our old issues and scanning in some of our most iconic music covers from 1979 to the late '80s, including issues that featured the Replacements, the Suburbs, Lipps Inc., the Time, and Prince.

Take a look at a few of the covers below, and click here for the full slideshow of City Pages music covers from the '80s.

Prince IV.jpg

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