Foo Fighters video for 'Back and Forth,' shot in Minneapolis, premieres today

As we reported a couple months back, area director Justin Staggs was selected as part of an online contest to create the latest video for the Foo Fighters, "Back and Forth." Filmed right here in Minneapolis, "Back and Forth" premiered today on the Foo's website, and you can watch it below.

From our previous coverage of the video:

Staggs was selected based on a treatment he submitted to the band and FUSE network as part of their "This Video Sucks" competition, which saw hundreds of submissions, with the 25-year-old Staggs ultimately coming out on top.

The video also involved the work of local producers Ben Katz and Shane Nelson, and features the members of the Foo Fighters dressed as vagabonds and rocking an impromptu set under a bridge. Watch the final product here:

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Josh Tane
Josh Tane

Tangletown Gardens graciously provided space for make-up and lunch in their Wise Acre Eatery that was under construction at the time.

Erik Hess
Erik Hess

Hey, I recognize the abandoned mill in the beginning of the video. That bent-over fence is immediately recognizable.

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