Gramma's Boyfriend perform for City of Music

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People of the internet, meet Gramma's Boyfriend: frantic and frenetic, this budding new punk band is a far cry from the lush singer-songwriter fare normally offered up by Haley Bonar. But Bonar has never been one to let her music fit squarely into one category, and her new side project -- which features familiar faces Jeremy Ylvisaker, Jacob Hanson, Luke Anderson, and Michael Lewis -- is a fun foray into a sparser, heavier style of music.

But enough with these words of ours. Watch the video already! We are pleased to present a new installment of the City of Music series, the brainchild of Dan Huiting and MPLS.TV, featuring Gramma's Boyfriend performing their song "We R Ctrl."

City of Music: Gramma's Boyfriend from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

For behind-the-scenes photos from the City of Music shoot with Gramma's Boyfriend, click here. And for more on Haley Bonar, watch her first City of Music video here.


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