Mystic Lake building new outdoor concert amphitheater, first show July 4

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With festival season ramping up in the Twin Cities, Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake has announced that it'll be entering the outdoor concert market this season with a newly constructed, 8,357-capacity amphitheater that will open with a free show on July 4.

Construction of the new space started last week and is expected to be completed around June 20, when the seats and stage will be installed. The first outdoor concert will be held on the Fourth of July with Diamond Rio, followed by a performance by the Beach Boys on July 31. Media rep Craig Johnson says that Mystic expects to host about five shows this summer, and will be announcing additional gigs as early as next week.

The casino sent over a sketch that shows its plans for the new amphitheater; you can see a larger size of that rendition here:


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Yvettecha Wykes
Yvettecha Wykes

I'd just like to say that you are doing an awesome job to keep us entertained with more than just gambling. Because lets face it you have to take a break sooner or later. But my comment is more like food for thought really. (something that might help keep us spending our money with you!) When are you going to dump the rinky dink swimming pool, which really doesn't accent the quality of your establishment, and bring in a family orientated wonderful water park? One that would encourage families to travel together making it enjoyable for all. Therefore taking out some of the guilt factor that comes along when there is an age limit to your gaming facilities. I myself would be a regular for sure! i worked at a holiday resort in the Sherwood Forest in England called Centre Parcs. Check out their indoor/outdoor pool and maybe get some wicked ideas!!  Thanks for lending your ear! Sincerely, Yvette Wykes #1177578

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