Susan Boyle, meet your match

Oh, to relive those first moments of Susan Boyle's debut on the international stage, that "Oh my god, a Scottish woman is singing the Rolling Stones right now" feeling we all had, that feeling which was quickly followed up with questions like "Are we amazed that a less-than-hot person can sing well?" and "My god, am I really that shallow?"

Of course, Susan Boyle went on to sell her covers record, I Dreamed A Dream (lay it on thicker SuBo, sheesh) to millions of our grandmothers and slowly fade, as these things do, into our collectively blushing memory.

The same won't happen with this elderly Chinese woman, trust.

Introduced to the world under the same franchised television show as Susan Boyle, 65-year-old Bai Shuying appeared on the most recent China's Got Talent to unleash her...Michael Jackson dance moves? Yeah, she did. Guilt/shame/schadenfreude? Nowhere in sight.

And all things considered, Bai pretty much nails it.

Not to be internet-outdone, here are a selection of animated GIFs, which you can find more of over at Shanghaiist.

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