Weezer covers Radiohead, and it's surprisingly not horrific

Photo by Tony Nelson
Just when you're ready to write of Weezer as the perpetual party band, so extraordinarily tongue-in-cheek that maybe their whole take on surfy indie rock was just a parody, dear god, WE HAVE BEEN DUPED, they drop this little bomb on us all: A video of the band in the studio laying down a cover of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android." And it's not awful, not even a little bit, nope. Rivers Cuomo doesn't even smirk or anything. How could this be?

See for yourself (it actually sounds even better if you don't watch the video while you listen):

And now, for the ultimate test: Which video will get more hits over the long weekend, this indiesplosion or the new viral video of kittens hugging? Maybe someone can make a mash-up...

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