Jazzy J of Twin Cities Radio passes away

Categories: Obituary
Longtime local music supporter Jazzy J (born Phil Henricks) lost his battle with cancer on Friday at the age of 60. Known for his work with the independent music portal Twin Cities Radio, Jazzy J was a friend to many in the community -- his Facebook wall has already been flooded with messages from local musicians thanking him for his work.

"He has been fighting cancer for a few years and today it took him," a representative posted to his page on Friday afternoon. "There will be a memorial service. More details to come. He went on his journey in such a peaceful way, nobody could have wanted more."

This past fall, Jim Walsh over at MinnPost penned a touching tribute to Jazzy J called "Peace out: A dying music fan's request," and sums up his philosophy quite eloquently and beautifully. It's well worth the read.

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