Limp Bizkit post album art, track listing, are you kidding me?

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So, you know how Jimmy Fallon could never manage to get through a whole Saturday Night Live sketch without cracking a smile, laughing at an inopportune moment, and then inevitably falling into a fit of giggles that would derail the entire script? Yeah, this is going to be sort of like that.

Limp Bizkit - YES THEY STILL EXIST - announced today that they are getting ready to release their fifth studio album, Gold Cobra, and that they plan to wriggle it into our unsuspecting little brains on June 28. In a press release, someone actually wrote out the words "one of the biggest rock bands of all time," "historic line-up," and "Fred Durst" all in one sentence without passing out in a fit of hysteria and dying, AND - HOLD ON, I JUST NEED A SECOND, OK - Durst is quoted as saying "We've come full circle to absolutely own who we are as a band, an undisputed five piece rap rock powerhouse who crushes every stage we play."

Hooooooookay. Before we get to the track listing - WHICH YOU WILL LOVE - let's take a moment to step back, think about all of the greatest album covers we've seen in our lifetime, and then try to wrap our minds around this gem:


And here is the track listing for Gold Cobra. I've taken the time to highlight my concerns favorite song titles below. 

1. Introbra 

2. Bring It Back

3. Gold Cobra

4. Shark Attack

5. Get A Life

6. Shotgun

7. Douche Bag 

8. Walking Away

9. Loser

10. Autotunage

11. 90.2.10

12. Why Try

13. Killer In You

14. Back Porch

15. My Own Cobain

16. Angels

17. Middle Finger feat Paul Wall 

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thanks for posting this!

Daniel Iverson
Daniel Iverson

Whatever happened to the original art revealed this time last year? The one with the actually gold cobra facing the front with one mysterious lounging woman with blonde hair and a bikini on it's coils, surrounded in a cave full of golden treasure, like a gold stereo and a gold sword. The three subjects here look like retarded non-entrancing Sirens.

They just changed the art at the last minute, and the art doesn't even say "Gold Cobra", and the original art also had simple gold font for the band name, not kiddish silver graffiti font for "Limp Bizkit"

So these un-shapely women are just lounging around in a burned-down forest clearing while a Greenish Cobra is about to eat them like a cartoon minion?

The music is still great though, but I don't wanna get the edited version to avoid this ugly fanart-quality art.


You philistines. What you take to be an unacknowledged self-portrait of male insecurity and misogyny masked as fantasy and rendered with amateur brushwork becomes, with the briefest examination, an astute post-colonial critique of race and gender constructions in the work of early modernist painting. By rendering his female subjects cross-eyed, Bizkit inverts and reflects the dominant male gaze of Ludwig Kirchner's Three Bathers ( while making explicit, in the form of a three-masted naval vessel, the colonial structures of dominance that Gauguin pushes outside the frame of his tropical exotica ( Above all, the giant cobra poised to devour the three sapphic nubiles does not represent a phantasmagoric penis-size compensation strategy of an accidental and underprivileged sex-tape celebrity but capitalism itself. I can't believe you need this spelled out.

Dan Rather
Dan Rather

OK, so the album "painting" depicts LB's interpretation of the typical "modern" female.  Just turn on your TV and there they are!  Now, put down that bong and do your homework:  hunt down these 3 albums from your grandfather's time (don't forget granny, she lit one now and then, too):  CSNY Deja Vu, Pink Floyd Obscurred By Clouds, Jimi Hendrix The Cry of Love.  TY

Melissa Summers
Melissa Summers

So is the album called "Lovehunter" or "Smell the Glove"?  I'm not clear.


Is it possible to laugh derisively and weep mournfully at the same time?  Because I think I'm doing it.  You know, that album cover could just slide through as "I see what you were trying to do but no" except for that weird monkey-looking dude picking his nose in the background. That dude just brings it back to "Year 9 art assignment by the kid that didn't really turn up much and kind of smelled funny".  As for the tracklist, I'm confounded by the title "Why Try". Is it a question? A suggestion? I just don't know.


it's better than any album cover that Prince has had in the last 20 years


Andrea Swensson loves limpbizkit


easy target


Eh. It's no "Chocolate Starfish." 

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