5 songs Michele Bachmann could use for her presidential campaign

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Michele Bachmann is only 24 hours into her candidacy for the U.S. presidency, and already she's gotten herself into a bit of hot water: In addition to confusing John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy in her speech about her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, Bachmann riled up Tom Petty by using his song "American Girl" to conclude her announcement without his consent.

We thought we'd help Bachmann out by offering up some suggestions for songs she could use out on the campaign trail.

"American Woman" by the Guess Who

Choice lyrics: "Colored lights can hypnotize / Sparkle someone else's eyes / Now woman, get away from me / American woman, mama let me be."

"Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley

Choice lyrics: "Come on now, who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are / Ha ha ha bless your soul / You really think you're in control / Well, I think you're crazy."

Bonus points: Both Bachmann and Gnarls Barkley's Cee Lo Green seem to have trouble saying what they really mean.

"Voodoo Woman" by Koko Taylor

Choice lyrics: "They call me the voodoo woman / And I know the reason why / Lord if I raise my name / You know the sky begin to cry."

"Liar Liar" by the Castaways

Choice lyrics: "Liar, liar, pants on fire / Your nose is longer than a telephone wire."

"Long Shot" by Katy Perry

Choice lyrics:
"Now I'll take a chance on / This thing we may have started/ Intentional or not I/ Dont think we saw it coming."

More choice lyrics: "Oh I waited for fact to come of fiction... It's a long shot but I say why not."

Thanks to Celebration Gen for the inspiration and the suggestion of "American Woman."


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"Wang Dang Poon Tang" by Ted Nugent> I'm sure he will give permission.


I'm a Bachmann Fan.

I drive a Chevy Van.

My dog ain't got to pedigree!

But as for me,

Bachmann's love-el-lee.

And she will

Set us free!!!


hahaha -- jealous much lazy lefties?


"She's Always A Woman"- Billy Joel

She can kill with a smileShe can wound with her eyesShe can ruin your faith with her casual liesAnd she only reveals what she wants you to seeShe hides like a child,But she's always a woman to meShe can lead you to loveShe can take you or leave youShe can ask for the truthBut she'll never believe youAnd she'll take what you give her, as long as it's freeYeah, she steals like a thiefBut she's always a woman to me...etc.


When I heard "American Girl" after the speech, my first thought was that "American Idiot" by Green Day would have been more appropriate.

Celebration Gen
Celebration Gen

OOOH!!! I have the best one!!!   "Machine Gun" by Party Nation! (http://bit.ly/lwWbaD)

"Machine Gun... Some people's words they kill like a machine gunMachine gun... When some people talk they sound like a machine gun And they go powpowpowpowpowpowpowpowpowpowpow! Powpowpowpowpowpoww! ... Stop talking so much..."

Celebration Gen
Celebration Gen

How about "Jesus he Knows Me" by Genesis. I think that's what it was called.

Celebration Gen
Celebration Gen

Awesome.  You should used the war machines / ghetto scenes line... a personal fav :)  


Nice! We've been coming up with songs for Michelle on Twitter, too, using the hashtag #newbachmanntune. (Favorite: @codyrmore tweeted Garbage's Stupid Woman.)

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