Prince, Kanye West to somehow share stage at Swedish festival Way Out West

We just received word that Prince will be joining the lineup for this summer's Way Out West festival in Gothenburg, Sweden, which already includes -- wait for it -- Kanye West, Pulp, Robyn, Fleet Foxes, Janelle Monae, Wiz Khalifa, the Jayhawks, Explosions In The Sky, James Blake, oh my god, where do we buy tickets, do I really need this computer or could I sell it for Swedish airfare?

The festival is being held in a park called Slottskogen, which is reportedly "made up of large areas of grassland, small hills, a forest and enclosed pastures with Nordic animals such as elk." Sigh.

Now, the all-important question: In a battle of pop superstardom, who will headline: Prince or Kanye? And isn't the chance to see one of them open for the other -- or one of them forced to open for anyone, really -- worth at least a couple thousand Swedish kronor?

For your ogling pleasure:


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If VVM and CP would commit themselves to covering real new and stories (like this one) instead of making up column inches for whatever pol or public figure they currently have a hard on for it would make for a much better pub......


Dear lord.  City Pages, you owe it to us to send a correspondent to cover this festival!  None of us can go!  Think what it will do for your ad revenue if you can talk your editors into footing the bill for a plane ticket to Gothenburgh!  I just checked it out - it's only $800 round trip, or thereabouts!  COVER THE SHOW, CITYPAGES!  ARrRRRRrrgh I wish I had 800 bucks.


I don't know whats better, that lineup or that photo of Prince.

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