Rock for Pussy 8 unites Bowie fans and cat people tonight at First Avenue

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Yes, that's a pile of kittens
There are cat lovers, and then there are CAT LOVERS. Crazy cat people from all across the cat insanity spectrum will be gathering at First Avenue tonight for the annual Rock for Pussy charity event, which invites local musicians to perform covers of David Bowie songs to benefit no-kill cat shelters in Minnesota. We caught up with Rock for Pussy founder and hostess Mary Lucia to find out what to expect.

"I've been at the rehearsals both nights and I am so stoked! Trying to wrangle that many musicians has been like trying to herd squirrels," Lucia says. Many of the song choices will remain a secret until this evening's show, but Lucia did let us in on a few of the songs: Venus and All The Pretty Horses will do "Five Years," while Lori Barbero is "fresh in from Austin, TX to do 'Changes'" and "Reed Wilkerson from the Japhies is going to burn the house down with 'Rock and Roll Suicide.'"

Here is the full lineup of musicians involved in tonight's event, starting with the house band and then the guest singers...

Rock for Pussy House Band:
John Eller - musical director - guitar, keys,vox
Randy Casey-guitars/vox
Chris Pericelli-guitars/vox
Steve Price-bass/vox
Noah Levy - drums
Tommy Alsides-drums
Ochen Kaylan-keys
Paul Odegarrd -horns
Matt Darling-horns
Leslie Ball--vox
Janey Winterbauer-vox
Michelle Massey-vox

Guest Singers:
Venus DeMars and All the Pretty Horses
Orion Treon (Phantom Tails)
Brenden Green (the Goondas)
Ciaran Daly (The Idle Hands)
David Campbell (E.L.nO.)
Chris Perricelli (Little Man)
Chris Pavlich (Two Harbors)
Sam Keenan
Laurie Lindeen (Zuzu's Petals)
Lori Barbero (Babes in Toyland)
Liam Watkins (First Communion Afterparty)
Reed Wilkerson (The Japhies)
Christian Erickson (Blue Sky Blackout, Astronaut Wife)
David J. Russ (E.L.nO.)
Janey Winterbauer (Astronaut Wife)
Dan Israel
Chris Koza (Rogue Valley)
Adam Levy (The Honeydogs)
Chris Lynch (The Shiny Lights)
Leslie Ball
John Eller (The Shiny Lights)
Randy Casey

REBEL REBEL ROCK FOR PUSSY 8 takes place tonight, FRIDAY, JUNE 10, at FIRST AVENUE. 18+. $10. 8 p.m.


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