Indie Music Channel bringing "indie" music fest to the MOA this weekend

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"Indie" music's newest guru, Christopher Ewing
The site Indie Music Channel, which appears to be solely dedicated to helping privileged, unabashedly career-oriented bands get signed to major label deals (does that still happen?) and could be single-handedly ruining the meaning of the word "indie" as we know it, is bringing what's being touted as "the world's largest indoor indie music festival all under one roof" to the Mall of America this weekend for a five-stage air conditioned showcase.

The details for this weekend's three-day festival are about as cryptic as IMC's site, but we do know that it runs Friday through Sunday, July 22-24 and will showcase 23 bands on stages in the MOA's rotunda, Nickelodeon Universe, Macy's Court, and the Sky Desk Sports Grille, one of the only remaining bars on the mall's fourth floor, including Minneapolis singer-songwriter Justyn Dow. Friday night's festivities will kick off with a "career conference" led by TV host, actor, model, and IMC founder Christopher Ewing, who will lead "an informative discussion with tips on how to take your music career to the next level!"

More from Ewing: "There are a lot of really talented singers and bands out here whose music isn't getting enough radio play, if at all, mostly because they aren't signed to a big record deal with a major label. Whether these singers or bands have a record deal or not, they still have awesome music that deserves to be heard."

Totally, dude. Totally.

For more info on the Indoor Indie Music Festival, which Chris Riemenshneider says its organizers are hoping will one day rival SXSW (!), dig around on their Rubik's cube of a website.

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I only wanna go so I can see the guru's jheri curl in person.

David McCrindle
David McCrindle

I like that the 3 lines of navigation on their site includes a link to "Page Design Tips". Yeeeeah, I have a few design tips of my own.

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