Minnesota History Center's '9 Nights of Music' canceled tonight, Mill City Live in limbo due to government shutdown

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The effects of the government's failure are still rolling out this week, as Governor Mark Dayton and the GOP continue their contentious budget negotiations today and Minnesota enters its fourth day of statewide shutdown.

The Minnesota History Center has announced that tonight's "9 Nights of Music" kick-off with Salsa Del Sol has been canceled, and future events will be canceled if the shutdown continues. The free "9 Nights of Music" series was scheduled to take place every Tuesday in July and August, and the History Center reports that it drew an estimated 12,000 last summer.

Additionally, the Mill City Live series, which is set to launch its 2011 season this Thursday with a performance by Chris Osgood and the Mill City Rockers, will be called off if the shutdown persists through the rest of the week. As we reported last week, this year's Mill City Live series was curated by Jim Walsh and features iconic acts spanning five decades of Minnesota music history.

Twin Cities historic sites and museums affected by the shutdown include the Minnesota History Center and Mill City Museum in addition to Historic Fort Snelling, James J. Hill House, Alexander Ramsey House and the Minnehaha Depot. You can keep up with the Historical Society's events at their website.

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Trevor Ludwig
Trevor Ludwig

Why is it cancelled exactly?  could you round up volunteers to keep it afloat?  I'm a sound engineer, I'd volunteer my Tuesdays to make this happen.

Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

From what I understand, it's canceled because the History Center itself is supposed to remain closed during the shutdown. The press release says:

"The Minnesota Historical Society, its museums, historic sites and library are closed temporarily, and all programs and special events are suspended due to the State of Minnesota government shutdown. Funding from the state comprises more than half of the Society’s operating budget."

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