Sorry 4 the Wait: Lil Wayne's free download mixtape reviewed track-by-track

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Sorry 4 the bad album artwork.
Lil Wayne dropped his latest mixtape Wednesday as an apology to fans for the delays to Carter IV, which now won't be seen until the end of August.

The album features Weezy freestyling over a number of tracks, including Adele's "Rolling in the Deep," and you can't beat the price: You can download "Sorry 4 the Wait" for free right here thanks to Lil Wayne.

 Is "Sorry 4 the Wait" a dud or a five-star stunner? We've got your track-by-track review in the jump.

Tunechi's Back: This feels weaker than it should be, like an empty boast. And "Tunechi" will never supplant "Weezy." *1/2

Rollin': Thought this would be the Adele song, but no. Booming beats and blaring air-horn announce this summer banger in the mold of recent colabs with Rick Ross. ***1/2

Throwed Off:
That ain't Weezy, that's Gudda Gudda. It ain't bad, it's just not the Wayne you're looking for. When the man does show up, the lyrics are laconic and uninspired.  *1/2

Gucci Gucci: "Sorry!" Weezy says, and at this point his apologies are getting a little obsequious. He references Lady Gaga and Thriller. Feels like he's trying too hard. **

Marvin's Room: Never been a fan of Weezy's slow-mo love songs, and this Drake sleep-over is no exception. The football/sex thing is particular weird when he invokes O.J. Simpson. *1/2

Sure Thing:
Now this sounds like classic Weezy, circa "The Leak." Wayne has fun over a bouncy beat courtesy of Miguel and gets deep into sin on the chorus. A stand-out. ****

Have you seen this missing kid?
Grove St. Party:
A beeping creeper where Wayne seems to be having fun with wordplay. Nothing that'll stick in your head, but a fun drank-infused trip down Weezy Lane. ***

Racks: A quick and triumphant march through some of the Weezy's best phrases, the rhymes never lets up long enough to bask in its glory. Add this to your workout mix. ****

Hands Up:
"Let's get fucked up" over a tinkling piano, then picks up quick. Reminiscent of Yeezy's "Dark Fantasy" in its arrangement.  ****

Sorry 4 the Wait:
This is it, the Adele song! And Weezy does not disappoint. Lil Wayne spits straight fire in a Voice-worthy reinterpretation. ***** <- five star stunner!

Inkredible Remix: Where's Wayne? He's as lost as Waldo in this mix. A bone tossed to his boys. Includes a bad Nicki Minaj impression. Skip it. *

Run the World, Girls:
Doubling as an explanation for the album's raison d'etre and an announcement for Carter IV's new release date, this infomercial won't stand up to repeat listening. *

Album Rating (out of five stars):

We'll accept your apology, largely because of your genius take on Adele, but you owe us Carter IV without further delay.

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