Vitamin Water Uncapped brings free local music to the Spring Street this week

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It's hard to tell the motivation behind the big "Vitamin Water Uncapped Live" event that started this morning at the Spring Street Tavern in Northeast Minneapolis. Unfortunately, I missed the early morning yoga session but made it in time for the "punk brunch" that kicked off the series that will be bringing a handful of bands to the Club Underground basement throughout the weekend.

Besides yoga and noontime skateboarding every day, plenty of free Vitamin Water, a fashion show on Saturday and another free "Punk Brunch" on Sunday morning with Fort Wilson Riot and the Knotwells, all evening shows this week are also free, and there's some great lineups that include the Magnolias, Chooglin', Hastings 3000, Davina & the Vagabonds, Kruddler and many more.

In these recessionary times it's a great way to get your local music fix, get out of the sticky hot heat this weekend and load up on the syrupy and questionably nutritious goodness of Vitamin Water. Here is the full schedule and lineups for each night.

Wednesday 7/13
Yoga - 8am
Punk Brunch - 11am
Baby Boys
The Uppercuts
Skateboarding - 12pm
Rock Show - 8pm
The Red Flags
Saint Bernadette
Poverty Hash
The Magnolias

Thursday 7/14
Yoga - 8am
Skateboarding - 12pm
Rock Show - 8pm
Crankshaft's Primitive R&B Review
22 Chemicals
Hollow Boys
Hastings 3000

Friday 7/15
Yoga - 8am
Rock Show - 8pm
City on the Make
Jonathan Ackerman

Saturday 7/16
Yoga - 8am
Fashion Show - 12pm
Rock Show - 8pm
Al's Rockabilly Trio
The 99'ers
Davina & the Vagabonds

Sunday 7/17
Yoga - 8am
Punk Brunch - 11 a.m.
Fort Wilson Riot
The Knotwells

Rock Show - 8pm
Seated Heat
Rank Strangers
A Forest in the Trees

For more information check out the facebook invite.

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