Bob Mould 'covers' Sugar for A.V. Undercover

Photo by Noah Kalina
"This definitely counts as a cover... it's a Sugar cover," Bob Mould says through a smirk. "They were a great band!"

The former Husker Du and Suger frontman and current touring solo artist and memoirist has been glancing into the rearview mirror a lot these days, so it's no big surprise that he chose to "cover" one of his own songs ("If I Can't Change Your Mind," which he wrote during his time with Sugar) as part of the A.V. Club's ongoing Undercover series. "It's a well-written song," he says, speaking about himself in the third person. "It's a little bit like 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight,' a little derivative, but people liked it."

During the short intro interview, Mould also jokes that musicians get nine lives in the rock business, an observation that pretty accurately describes his chameleonic career. In the true spirit of reinvention, Mould plays the song solo over a muddy electric guitar, making it sound like a mash-up of his past and present lives.

Bob Mould "covers" Sugar

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Mac Wilson
Mac Wilson

This isn't a criticism aimed at Gimme Noise specifically, but: I don't see why the "cover" aspect is getting so hyped up. Sure, it's awesome that he's singing one of his most awesome songs, but it's just that -- it's HIS song. It's basically the equivalent of making it into a big deal when "Paul McCartney covers Wings!!"

Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

The Undercover series asks artists to choose a song to cover from a very small list, so to me it's funny that Mould would choose to cover himself instead of someone else, which is the point of the series.

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