Chelsea Boys part ways

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In a hard blow to the kitschy dance-rock scene, the Onion's A.V. Club is reporting that funk-fueled electro band Chelsea Boys are going their separate ways so bandmate Josh Atwood can focus on being a dad. Remaining members Hunter Morley and Jacque Clark are planning to continue working together as a new project. 

Taking their name from a comic strip about three gay roommates in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, the group never shied away from flamboyance (not to mention occasional nudity). Check out some footage of their CD-release show from early last year shot by Dan Huiting, a show they shared with another Minneapolis band that disbanded just as they were starting to pick up steam, the Guystorm:

Guystorm/Chelsea Boys CD Release @ Kitty Cat Klub from Dan Huiting on Vimeo.

For more on Chelsea Boys, read our review of their self-titled debut album by Andrew Flanagan.

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