John Conlee: On this day in country music history

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Wanna impress your folks this weekend? Drop a little knowledge about today's birthday boy, a man who went from mortician with the Duell-Clark Funeral Chapel in Versailles, Kentucky, to thirty-two-time Hot Country Charts-buster. His name is... John Conlee.

Who dat?

Oh, trust me. Your parents loooove him. If you're familiar with the guy, it probably means they dragged you to see him at a county fair or during a family trip to Branson when you were a kid. And... < spooky voice > On This Day in Country Music History < /spooky voice > 1946, he was born in the same town where he eventually made a career preserving the loved ones of Kentuckians while dreaming of someday gracing the Opry stage. And that he's done, many times over.

Now when I die, I wouldn't mind this sweet face suckin' out all my jiggly parts and replacing 'em with formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol, and other solvents. Doesn't he look like a real nice guy?


That said, I'm glad he made the transition to country, and you should be too. Here are just a few of John Conlee's hits. Now, go tell your folks that now you know just how good country music was back when they were spring chickens.

"Old School"

"Backside of Thirty" and "Rose Colored Glasses"

"I Don't Remember Loving You"

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