Liminal Phase takes up residency at Cause

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Another reason to leave your house during the week: booze and exceptionally good music each Tuesday at Cause.  

It's hard to pigeonhole Liminal Phase into a particular genre; the band borders on space-agey, electronica, and experimental rock. Where does Adam Levy find the time for so many projects these days?  Levy heads the unique sound of a side-project that is a side-project for all its seven members, featuring individuals from Cloud Cult, Heiruspecs, Electric Arab Orchestra, and numerous other bands.

The attitude of making music for the heck of making music is reflected in the harmony and talent the group displays creating most of their elemental music off the cuff.  There is nothing like it.

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Each Tuesday will feature an experimental DJ as well as a roster of special guests.  Band manager, Lily Troia shares that, "There will be also visual artists - a cavalcade of artistic insanity.  These will be the first shows Liminal Phase has played in a while and the last before their October debut vinyl release on Simon Recordings."

Adam clues us in on the instruments the band highlights: electric guitar, drums, Ableton/computer stuff, oud, Persian/Brazilian percussion, cello, oboe, bassoon, and harmonium.

Liminal Phase Cause schedule:

8/9 DJ Booka and guest Nathan Hanson (saxophone)

8/16 DJ Grant Cutler and guest Tim O'Keefe (oud/Persian percussion)

8/23 DJ James Diers and guest Pooja and Pavan (classic Indian vox and tabla)

8/30 DJ Jon Davis aka Ghostband and guest Patrick Harison (accordion)

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Location Info

Cause Spirits & Soundbar - CLOSED

3001 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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