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As summer wraps up and we start heading into fall, it's almost like the whole attitude of the city changes: Twin Citizens suck in a deep breath and prepare to hunker down and get to work, like the chilly weather somehow summons productivity. That's certainly true for some of our favorite local artists, who've been pouring their creative energy into new work. We've rounded up a smattering of some recently released local music vids for your enjoyment (and distraction) below.

Award-winning Minneapolis-based MC Desdamona has just released a new single, "The Comeback." The video for this slick track features Desdamona in a variety of costumes: Evil Queen, interrogated prisoner, modern war-painted dancer--whilst our lady reminds us that despite the scene, she has the mic.

Another talented Minneapolis rapper, Homeless, has a new video out for his song "Epic Meal Time." If you aren't familiar with this guy, check him out now--with solid pacing and smart beats, he won't be a secret for long.

The ever-entertaining grunge rocking Goondas put out the video for "Pet It" a few weeks back, and of course, there's more to it than just frontman Brendan Green freaking out in front of the camera--he gets to freak out with some ketchup and mustard. It's hilarious and kind of gross at the same time, but... well... you'll see. (P.S.: If you dig that, you'll love the Goondas live--and you can catch them tomorrow night for the release of their new vinyl EP, Chud, at the 7th Street Entry.)

Joey Ryan and the Inks have built a reputation for crystal-clear dream pop fused with the Midwestern folk sensibilities, and they accomplish it brilliantly. In their most recent video for "The Incredible Mr. Flowers", Ryan's baby-butt-smooth vocals glide over a charming and impressive Legoland story.

And, ah, Jeremy Messersmith, how we love thee. Okay, so this isn't an official music video, but it's worth sharing. Messersmith recently appeared on NPR's Tiny Desk concert series with a generous 5-song set and a full backing band. He's one of this author's favorite anti-rockstars, and you should watch this video and probably lose yourself in the warm fuzzies of Messersmith's charm and talent.

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where's 'THUG MANSION ALLSTARZ - There's a Party in My Pants (and Everbody's Barfing)' that shit is RAW.


This is great CP, but once again you fail to give any credits to the people that actually made the videos. You post local videos a lot, which is great. But there are a ton of local filmmakers out there working their ass of making them and a little credit here and there would be nice. (Dir by Joe Schmoe)

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